Flynn Broady on Cannabis


medicalIt makes sense to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level. We know it has medicinal value, and decriminalizing it will permit additional safety testing, possibly the development of other medical uses, and ensure consistency.

There would be benefits here in Georgia as well. We know that in the states where they have decriminalized cannabis, the level of opioid use drops. That would gain us an overall reduction of the resource strain on both our justice and healthcare systems.

I am in favor of removing simple possession of cannabis from a person’s record, if that is their only felony. Possession of cannabis is a crime that unequally affects persons of color. However, distribution of cannabis should stay on a person’s record.

Pharmaceutical companies have played a big role in the current opioid crisis. There has been a lack of oversight and accountability. They push doctors to over-prescribe highly addictive drugs. Then after people are addicted, those people switch to heroin because it is cheaper than prescription pain medication. This cycle has to be stopped with a comprehensive healthcare solution.