Flynn Broady on Infrastructure



In Georgia, we have bridges collapsing and roads that need repair. I will propose an infrastructure bill to create the means for continuous repair of our roads, pipelines, overpasses, and other types of infrastructure. A constant loop of rebuilding and refurbishing will create much-needed jobs.

We need to develop and stick to a timeline for work crews to keep up our roads, pipelines, overpasses, highways, etc. The bill will require funds, but common sense tells us it is cheaper to maintain our infrastructure than for citizens to suffer through another event like the I-85 bridge collapse. By shifting the focus to maintenance instead of high-cost emergency repair, we can avoid these disasters.

Why do we continue to install new overhead power lines as the metro Atlanta area develops? Widespread power outages, as the metro area has suffered during big storms, inconvenience citizens and hurt our economy. Puerto Rico is an example of the worst case of this. We need to bury our utility lines so we can be more resilient when hurricanes and tornadoes hit. This infrastructure bill will create continuous improvement of our critical intrastructure.

We also need to prepare our young people to fill the jobs this bill will generate. College is not the only choice or the best option for many young people. We need to offer appropriate training for future plumbers, electricians, and other skilled trades. Vocational training will prepare our youth to fill the skilled, high-paying jobs created by this infrastructure bill.