Flynn Broady on Education


EducationA healthy, thriving public education system nationwide is essential to a healthy economy.  It will also ensure that we have a more equitable educational system. Having great K-12 teachers and properly educating children is an investment in our future. As long as school funding is tied to the amount of property tax a school district collects, sparsely-populated or financially-challenged school districts will never have enough funding to provide quality education for their children.

I believe the Federal government must use Title I funding to ensure children and teachers in all school districts have adequate resources.  I don’t support the school voucher program proposed by the current Secretary of Education. It would rob public schools of much-needed money.  School vouchers should not take away dollar-for-dollar from already underfunded school districts.

To afford everyone an opportunity to receive public higher education, we must propose and pass legislation that will reduce student costs.  The cost of higher education continues to grow, making Federal student loans essential for almost all college students.  At the same time, the Administration is making it more difficult to obtain and repay student loans. We need to cap the interest rate on Federal student loans. We must create ways to help people who are already financially crippled by unrealistic repayment terms.

We must support vocational and technical training that provides skills necessary to sustain a competitive workforce.  Education past high school doesn’t have to mean attending a university.  College is not the only choice nor the best option for some young people. Many older adults are finding it necssary to work later in life, which often requires some level of retraining.

We also need to remove the pollcy that keeps a person with a conviction for simple possession of drugs from ever getting federal aid.