Flynn Broady on Faith

faithFaith is personal and means many different things to different people. Whether a person adheres to a particular religion’s teachings or has another basis for living an honorable life is their decision, and I respect it. Recently I started actively studying religions. There are a lot of parallels between what is said in the Bible and in other religious works. The principles are not that far apart.

Personally, I am a Christian, and I believe as the Bible teaches us. Some people pick verses of scripture to support their prejudices. For too long, the Bible has been used to justify slavery and other abuses. The most recent example is those who justify their prejudice against gay people by claiming it is based on Christian beliefs. But if they read a broader view, they would understand the message that Jesus would never teach intolerance.

Jesus would be ashamed of the way we discriminate against one another. Jesus Christ taught us to love one another, not to discriminate. Christ taught us to love each other just as He loved us. John 13:34 commands us to love one another. Matthew 22:29 tells us to love your neighbor as yourself. Nowhere does the Bible say to love only some people.

Prior to my mother’s death in 1998, I believed in the Lord, but I did not attend church regularly. After church on the day after my Mom died, I found some notes in her Bible about the strength of her faith. There was letter she wrote me a month before she died. In it, she said as long as she had breath, she would do good for God. That day, I gave my life to Christ and ever since then I have been following Him.

In 1999, I was assigned to Fort Campbell, and from there I visited Normandy. When I visited a cemetery there, the first headstone I read said, “In God’s own time we will meet again.” I felt as though this was a sign from Mom watching over me.

Then I was deployed to Iraq, and we saw combat on my first day there. After a guy under my command lost an arm and a leg, I dropped to my knees and prayed. Every morning for the 14 months I was deployed there I would start the day with a prayer and a chapter of the Bible. The Lord had my back then and He still does.