Flynn Broady on Healthcare


healthcareLong-term, I support single-payer healthcare. But our first priority should be to preserve and improve the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). We must enact changes that stengthen the ACA, to make it work as designed and to make it affordable for everyone.  And we must fully fund it.

The costs for insurance under the ACA the first year were considerably lower than today. However, as individual states set up their own marketplaces, and as Congress removed subsidies, the cost of premiums and deductibles skyrocketed. The Administration has done everything to weaken the impact of the ACA instead of addressing its weaknesses.

More study is needed to craft a realistic, comprehensive, workable healthcare solution under the ACA. But in the final analysis, everyone must have insurance from cradle to the grave. A healthy society requires healthy, productive citizens. We need to fix the issues that caused costs to rise, not eliminate the entire plan. We must determine specfically what is causing health care costs to rise so much faster than the cost of living and address that phenomenon.

We also must rein in the ever-soaring price of prescriptions. We need to do two things: (1) pass a law to ban the lobbying of Congress by Big Pharma, and (2) change the law to allow the Federal government to negotiate for affordable prescription prices.

Pharmaceutical companies claim that their costs for prescriptions continue to rise due to research and development.  This just does not hold up under scrutiny. R&D costs can be deducted by pharmaceutical companies, and it is part of their cost of doing business.

In Georgia, we need to tackle healthcare as part of an overall infrastructure package.  Georgia has seen too many rural hospitals close. If an emergency occurs and the nearest hospital is far away, people will die. That is simply not acceptable.