Flynn Broady on Immigration


ImmigrationAs a nation it is important to fulfill the promises we have made to immigrants. Paths to citizenship must be clear for DACA immigrants and those who have served in our military (INA 328 Naturalization through Military Service).  Dreamers and immigrant veterans who have fulfilled their responsibilities and have been living here peacefully and productively should be able to stay and become citizens, as promised. Their spouses who are following lawful routes to obtain green cards should be allowed to do so.  No one should be living in fear of sudden, unexpected deportation and family separation because of draconian enforcement.  We are still the United States of America, the land of opportunity, and we must not change that.

The individuals who come here are not taking our jobs. Many are doing very well, finding good jobs or running successful businesses that contribute to our society. Others are doing jobs Americans don’t want to do, and they are doing those jobs at less than optimal wages.  Due to the current Administration’s increased enforcement, crops are rotting in the fields due to lack of workers to pick them.

This year we showed the world the worst of who we can be.  The manner in which we dealt with immigrants from Central and South America is a stain on what we stand for as nation. The current Administration knew for months that the immigrant caravan was en route, yet they did nothing to prepare to handle the influx. Many who just came seeking asylum were treated the same as if they were known criminals. Their treatment was inhumane, particularly the manner in which they were separated from their children, and then sometimes deported without any knowledge of where their children were. Many are still separated for no reason. Even worse, it is possible some of these children were handed to sex traffickers. We just don’t know who or where some of them are. As a result, we have been condemned all over the world.

The thought of building a wall only on our southern border speaks to racism, and appeals to this Administration’s base. I plan to continue to strengthen ALL our borders. President Obama hired more border guards than any prior president, to stop the drug trade, not to stop people. I will support fighting drug and human trafficking by continuing to hire border guards and using other means to protect our borders. I will support any legislation that provides for a clear path to citizenship for all law-abiding immigrants.  We are better than what this Administration has shown the world.