Flynn Broady on Veteran Services


veteran servicesVeteran services are one of my greatest concerns. As a nation we must keep the promises made to our veterans. They deserve high-quality medical care, particularly those Veterans injured while serving. Many of our returning Veterans return with mental health issues related to their time in combat. Without appropriate treatment, tragically some commit suicide.

Our military does a fantastic job preparing our Veterans for war while at the same time failing to prepare them to transition back into civilian life. When they return home, we need to support them by helping with housing, medical/mental healthcare and training they need to return as a productive member of their community. Many of them cannot find jobs and quickly become homeless. Stacy Abrams has vowed to end homelessness among our veterans here in Georgia. I support that plan and want to see it implemented across the country.

The Veterans Administration has the know-how to handle the special needs of veterans, but it is severely underfunded and lacks the resources in both facilities and personnel. We need to greatly increase those resources in order for the Veterans Administration to have sufficient doctors, nurses, and facilities to serve the increasing numbers of Veterans. The nature of being at war continuously from 2001 to present has created such a demand on the Veterans Administration that we as a nation must commit to our Veterans to provide for their care.

Many Veterans don’t live within a reasonable distance from existing Veteran service facilities. We need to put resources within reach in rural counties. There are plans to improve the Choice program, which allows Veterans to go any hospital, which is great as it gives those who are far from a VA hospital more options. However, the Veterans Administration should be the primary source of care for all our Veterans.

Veterans in general are an underserved population. We must provide the resources to improve the lives of those who have given so much to our nation.