Vote Flynn Broady

for Congress!

Change the Narrative in Washington!

Vote Flynn Broady For Congress

Change the Narrative in Washington!

Flynn Broady will return

Integrity, Honor & Service

to Congress.

Flynn will respect and empower the citizens of the 11th Congressional District. He will be an accessible, honorable, and responsive voice for issues important to Georgians.

Flynn Broady will represent

All of His Constituents

Not just a chosen few!

Flynn believes in unity and the strength derived from our diversity. The 11th Congressional District deserves a Representative who will provide leadership experience that benefits ALL the people.

About Flynn Broady

  • Extensive military service totaling 26 years with three deployments, including a combat tour as Infantry First Sergeant
  • Cobb County judicial experience with seven years as a Prosecutor, and two years as Court Coordinator with the Cobb County Veterans Treatment Court
  • Seton Hall School of Law – JD degree
  • Kennesaw State University – MPA degree (Public Administration)
  • Austin Peay State University – BS degree (Public Management)
  • Marietta resident for more than a decade
  • Member of Zion Baptist Church

Flynn Broady’s Focus

  • Unify our fractured nation from ongoing divisiveness.
  • Guarantee ALL citizens equal civil rights.
  • Determine a health care solution that provides coverage for ALL Americans.
  • Represent 11th District VETERANS as theirCongressional voice for post-military medical, mental, and physical needs and services.
  • Uphold the 2nd Amendment, while focusing on the right of all citizens to live safely.
  • Eliminate school shootings and teen suicides by increasing the number of counselors who focus solely on crisis intervention and mental health.
  • Implement “Red Flag” mandates to lessen the opportunity of the mentally ill or violent individuals to own or purchase a firearm.
  • Reduce opioid overdoses through prescriber and distributor accountability, addressing the problem of “street” opioids, and increasing treatment options.
  • Fulfill promises to law-abiding immigrants, including DACA; deport undocumented immigrants who are committed felons or violent offenders; and continue to strengthen our nation’s borders.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Dr. Martin Luther King

WE have the power to “Change the Narrative” in Washington!

Flynn Broady will defend our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He will remind other government leaders that power originates from the voters who elect those in office!



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